4 Tips to Relieve Tooth Pain

The apparent resolution to any dental pain is to see a dentist as soon as possible.

However, when you can't get in to see the dentist right away, to assist with eliminating some discomfort in the meantime, the following tips can help lessen a toothache.

Quick Recap: Four Tips to Lessen Toothache Pain

  1. Apply an ice pack to the inflamed area.
  2. Take anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen.
  3. Swish warm salty water in the mouth.
  4. Place peppermint tea bags on the tooth this provides a mild numbing property for a short time.
  5. Acupressure may reduce pain by releasing endorphins throughout the body.
  6. Hot packs applied to the area that is in pain.

Before Doing Anything!

Eliminating tooth pain is the number one goal, but considering the potential cause is first. Warning signals are sent to our brains when our bodies experience pain; this is telling you that something is not right. Oral pain is a sign that the problem needs your attention immediately.

Oral pain can be tooth decay, infected gums, a tooth fracture, abscessed tooth or a damaged filling. Without treatment, serious complications could arise. Bacterial infections can spread to other parts of the body in some cases, even leading to medical care. For these reasons, seeking emergency treatment is recommended if any of these signs of an abscessed tooth.

  • Swollen red gums.
  • Raised temperature.
  • Puss or blood.
  • Throbbing pain.
  • Salty or an unpleasant taste in the mouth.
  • Jaw swollen or the sides of the face.

Visiting a local dentist for an evaluation is essential whatever the cause is for the dental pain.

4 Natural Tips to Stop Tooth Pain

In addition to over-the-counter medications and cold packs, there are some excellent natural ways to reduce tooth pain until the dentist appointment are scheduled.

Salt Water

Warm salt water may not taste the best, but this cleans infections and can temporarily reduce the pain. It is important not to swallow the saltwater while rinsing.

Hot Packs

Applying a hot pack to the side of the jaw can reduce discomfort. If a hot pack is not handy, making one is easy and fun! Fill a sock with rice, tie one end up and place the rice filled sock in the microwave for a few minutes.


Research suggests that acupressure may reduce tooth pain by releasing endorphins. Specific points on the body are believed to assist with oral discomfort. If acupressure is a consideration, researching reputable internet resources for additional information is recommended.

Peppermint Tea Bags

With a mild numbing property, peppermint tea bags can ease the pain for a short time. Placing the tea bags in the freezer having the bag cool gives a pain reliever for a minimal time.

Depending on the issue and the seriousness, treatment for the tooth pain should be attended to immediately, but the best way to deal with tooth pain is by prevention. Reducing oral health by brushing teeth twice a day, flossing at least once daily, eating healthy, avoiding sticky and sugary foods and beverages, not chewing on ice or other hard items and finally scheduling regular dental cleanings and checkups. 

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