Common Causes of Halitosis


Halitosis is also known as chronic bad breath. Many people experience halitosis because they may not realize how their own breath smells or because their oral care may not be a priority to them. However, some people may know their halitosis but might not know how to control it. Understanding the causes of chronic bad breath may aid people in the prevention of it.

The causes of halitosis may seem obvious, but knowing and understanding what each of them are can be beneficial to people who struggle with anxiety from their bad breath. Today, we will go over each of the causes of halitosis. They are listed below:

Causes of halitosis

Poor dental hygiene

A poor dental care routine can affect a person’s breath badly. If someone doesn’t brush or floss their teeth regularly then it’s possible that food particles will remain left over in between the teeth, causing a foul odor. When regular brushing doesn’t occur, bacteria will form along the teeth and the tongue. Bacteria in the mouth doesn’t give off a pleasant smell, so be sure to properly care for the teeth each day so that halitosis doesn’t form.

Tobacco products

Almost all tobacco products produce their own unpleasant smell within a person’s mouth. Most tobacco products can also cause a gum disease which is another source of bad breath. It’s safe to say tobacco products all around only cause damage to the overall health of the mouth.


Bad breath stems from a lot of infections that people may not realize they have. A sinus infection causes a drip down the throat, this drip has an odor because it is infected, therefore causing the breath to smell unpleasant.

There are infections within the mouth as well that may give off an odor that isn’t pleasing. Infections in the gums, such as cavities may produce an unpleasant smell because there is a constant source of bacteria growing.

Dry mouth

People may be surprised to learn that dry mouth can cause a severe case of halitosis. When the mouth is dry, the flow of saliva is put to a halt. The flow of saliva is important because it contains minerals that wet the mouth. When the mouth is too dry, the saliva cannot cleanse the mouth and rid it of bad particles that lead to bad breath.

While having bad breath is not pleasant, it is manageable. Being aware of the reasons that halitosis occurs can help in the prevention of further bad breath.

If you still have questions about the causes of bad breath, give us a call today. Halitosis is something we all want to prevent, and knowing what the causes are can help with that! We’re happy to help in any way we can.

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